The mind is positively affected by good diet, AND especially negatively impacted  by sugars. For a stronger mind follow the diet and exercises in the body section of this site.

For the mind to be most effective it needs challenged in different ways.  The following exercises will help you:

1. Perform crossword puzzles

2. Do word searches and/or jig saw puzzles (these trigger a different aspect of brain function than crosswords, so do these in addition to number 1 above).

3. Learn a language you do not already know.

4. Learn to play a musical instrument you do not already play.


We can remember 5 to 7 items at a time. Find what works for you.  Let us say it is six. Practice remembering things in groups of six. If this is learning a new language learn six colors, six numbers, six verbs, six animal names, six occupations, six foods. That was a series of six sixes. You now know 36 pieces of your new language.

Create in your mind a house. In this house are six rooms, in these rooms are six file cabinets, in these six file cabinets there are six drawers, in these drawers are six folders, in these folders are six pages, on these six pages are six pieces of information. Visualize this house and make it yours. As you get more experienced with this you can have more houses!

Now go in your house and choose a room that is for communication. Go in the room and go to your number one file cabinet. Open the top drawer. Open the orange file. Place in a paper with your new languages six sixes. You have other pages to list more information on and other folders in this drawer for other languages.

Memorizing and learning information is only one part of remembering. You also need a system for retrieving information. The above should be helpful. Add color, emotions, etc., to make it more real to you.

Another thing to watch: if you memorize something while, say, chewing gum, you may find it easier to remember while chewing gum. In preparing for an exam where you cannot chew gum you should prepare while not chewing gum.