An easy, effective way to meditate is to simply get in a comfortable position and breathe! Do not try to control the breathing. Do not manipulate any of your senses! Just feel everything. Hear everything. Smell everything. God is in everything. Just let go and experience it all. You will eventually notice your breathing has become regulated. In time you will sense a sound that is high pitched. This is the sound of you. Stay in the sensing state. This sound will become accompanied by a deeper sound. Pay attention to this one and allow yourself to absorb this sound. It is the God sound. It is the primary essence of all.


    Pray like this: "God, I pray for peace, health, hope, love, kindness, understanding and wisdom for ALL of creation." Then meditate on the love of God flowing through all of you and out to all of creation. Feel it as a force flowing through you. The force flowing through you from God, not you. You are allowing yourself to be an instrument for God. If done long enough this enters you into a powerful meditative state and you come out of it refreshed. In becoming a tool for this energy you are also allowing it to bring these gifts to you!


    See doctors first of all for diagnostic purposes. Then attempt natural healing while allowing them to confirm if it is working. After a fair attempt, if necessary, go with the medications, etc., that they prescribe. Seek medical help in emergencies and psychiatric assist when needed. Use spiritual healing to help empower the others. Healing is best kept simple. Place your hands on the back or on the shoulders of the person (any where will do if the situation does not allow this). Be in as comfortable a position as you can get in. Then open yourself to the flow of God's love. DO NOT DIRECT THE FLOW OF ENERGY! You are merely a channel for the energy. God knows where it needs to go. You may be seeing a symptom, God knows the problem. Do not treat the symptom.


What is healing? How do we heal? We were perfect souls when we communed with God. Eventually some souls got involved in God's physical creation (innocently done to experience that part of God). Those of us in physical form are either the ones that did this for this reason or Avatars coming to guide us back to God in full communion. Even those choosing to be in physical creation to help us may become enshrouded, enamored, attached to the physical creation. With this in mind we have several layers to heal:

Physical: The physical body we dwell in is not eternal and was not meant to be. Our problems , our physical illnesses, are related to external vibrations, what we eat, and what we drink. Use of colors, stones, energy and the diet affect the physical body. My book, 60 Days to a New You handles this except for the energy healing, stones and colors. These last areas do not do as well for most people because they build up barriors related to beliefs and fears of novel ideas. The stones and colors to me are not as valuable as the use of energy by an intuitive person, especially an Avatar.

Mental: The mental is comprised of items that are from this lifetime and those from your entire existance. For this life's deficits psychiatry can help, hypnosis can help, prayer, meditation and belief sytems can help. For those from past lifetimes meditation can help and prayer can help. Beliefs from experiences from this life may be wrong and hinder. Avatars are here to help with this in this life (to guide you to what is right).  The individual may not be healed unless there is a change and  an openess to be guided.

Soul/spirit: This is self healed. Inspiration, experiences that causes an increase in awareness, and a nagging from your eternal self are the healers here. The Avatars seek to trigger this. Meditation halps a lot. This is the area of final healing: Soul and God awareness.