Oct. 11, 2019

Do you like to know about miracles? I am paying for this site. Not a lot, but I am retiring and thinking through things. I have had 55 overall responses to this site. 52 were thumbs up, or likes, and three were actual comments like, "I like this". I truly appreciae these! I get about two hundred visits every week, except for a rare few that are really low and one unexplainable day over 1,000. That is two hundred a week, every week for over 5 years. I have now had 89 thousand visits. 

So that means I get .002 % a week. Very low. It is also statistically unbelievable that it remains near the same week after week.

Even more statisically impossible is the fact that only .0006 percent of visits resulted in responses! AND none of these were negative (also incredible for the internet!).

SO, I have a suspicion that search engines are sending "people" here to keep me thinking I am getting visits worth my continued interest so I keep paying the little that I do. 

If you are real, please let me know if this site intersts you enough for me to keep adding to it and keep it on line! 




Sep. 23, 2019


Often it is heard that "God is in control!". Really? Than why so much evil? Why so much destruction allowed to Mother Earth? No, what has to be true is that we have freedom of will. Evidently maximum freedom of will. 


You think God doesn't care? Doesn't communicate with us concerns about these things?

You are wrong, and you are not listening. You think God only communicates in magical ways to and through prophets of the past. That is not the living God. God communicates through scientists, through the words of inspired people, through our children who say things so clearly that we laugh at them and ignore them. Sometimes children repeat what we say in a way that should wake us up. Still we laugh.

God has indicated to us for years that smoking is bad, that getting intoxicated is bad, that being a glutton is bad. Now God is letting us know through scientists and pictures that climate change is for real. 

Two things about climate change should open your eyes, and maybe scare you into action. 1. The glaciers in Greenland are breaking up and melting faster than expected. 2. The Florida Keys are starting to be evacuated. Both of these were in the news this week. The real news, not some kind of fake news. Homes are being bought  in the Keys to be demolished to begin getting people out of such areas before it is too late and mass movements of people become necessary.Photos and video are available to prove to you the melting of Greenland ice and major ice in other areas. You do not need scientists to prove it and rationalize with you about it. You can see it and believe it. AND young people like Greta Thurnberg are blaming us. The "adults" of today are contributing to the destruction of the earth they are inheriting. 

Will you continue to deny what is happening? Will you continue to be a part of it? Or will you listen to God's messages and head the need to change?



Sep. 23, 2019
Aug. 21, 2019

I often hear people say you have to love yourself before you can love someone else. Bull. How can you love yourself if you do not love someone or something beyond yourself? 

Aug. 4, 2019

Two mass shootings in two days. Unimaginable! As bad as this is there was a statistic put out that such only reults in  one tenth of gun deaths per year.I espected higher. That means we are probably experiencing more due to suicides and gun accidents in the home. Please be watchful and careful!  God bless the victims, their families and be a guide for you to keep you safe! Amen.