Dec. 26, 2015


1. There are NO barriers to communication with God that are not within you. Jesus said to pray to God directly. There is no need to learn names and lists of information about saints or angels.

2. God's only requirements are these: Love God and love all of creation. Any groups that approach you with long lists, much knowledge to learn, ongoing lessons you need to pay for, etc., should be scrutinzed. Even this work has a bit more than you need to know if you apply it. It is free.  Actually, I pay to have this site, so it is discounted at free?

3. There is God, and there are souls. Then there is the rest of creation. There are no other levels. Some souls have become more attached to the physical world. They have "clouded" themselves in terms of God and self realization, but are no less or more of a soul.

4. You are energy. You emitt your own energy. Your own light. You receive only from Gad. Stones do not change your vibration unless you let them. The same is true about colors and about energy healers. YOU can focus on a color and YOU can change your inner vibrations to mimic the external vibrations. You can sense a healers level of vibration and mimic this for a healing. But ultimately nothing gets into you. You change yourself. All that more aware people can do is to help you become aware.

5. For healing, self realization and improved communion with God you can pray and meditate. These are free. My guides for both are in this work under "Spiritual Skills" sectiom.