Apr. 29, 2016


I work with people everyday. Sometime it seems like I live in a world where everyone thinks the opposite of me. In reality those who think more like me will catch me alone with them and talk to me in private. As usual, those who think deeply and really know life are full of doubts and try to just blend into their environment, while those who know less seem to be very confident, even arrogant, about what they know. They make you feel like maybe you are wrong. They get more attention. Sometimes they get the promotion you know you earned and deserved. Then you ask, "Why can't I be like them?" Well, you can, but you know you won't.

You have begun the long trip home. They are still refusing to realize that they are stuck and mingling in the physical creation. You have begun to realize the truth of equality, the truth of an afterlife, the truth of God's universal love. Though you may not know the fullness of these concepts, you are being encouraged into this love by your soul, and your spirit is now willing to go with it. I have no idea who said it, but I love the phrase, "Let go, and let God."