May. 13, 2016

Further Levels of Chakras

I have talked about there being 21  (which I prefer to call spiritual expressions). As I reviewed them I feel that the seven major ones are enough to know in order to understand people and learn to love them better and understand them better. Witout going into all of them here are seven miner chakras from below the root chakra:

Atala: at the hip area and deals with fear and lust

Vitala: thigh areas controling anger and resentment

Sutala: at knees and is concerned with jealousy

Talatala: calves, confusion and instintive willingness

Rasatala: ankles, selfishness and pure animal nature

Mahatala: feet, inner blindness (the "Dark Realm", being "without a conscience")


Patala: below it all. Malice, murder, torture, hatred (realm of Naraka or Hell).

These are all thingscovered in other colors, just more intense in the lower areas and only of real value if you are considering chakras as levels. I view these in  growth patterns, and I explain this in my book, Killing Shang-Ti: The Short Life of Emily, through a character remembering her early life (Emily).