May. 22, 2016


Many people do not want to know the truth. It is so much easier to believe the same as everyone in your surroundings. The truth is a two edged sword. It sets you free inside yourself, but then if you express yourself there is considerable loss. The hardest task of the enlightened is finding ways to awaken others without being crucified too early and your message becoming a source of laughter and indignation.

I present a truth that is hard to swallow.   There are no "levels". No angel names to remember. No weird terminology. No one being set above anyone else. I am not asking for money. I am not asking to be worshipped.

I am asking you to love God, love one another, and to love and care for creation.

This simple message and the truths that go with it seems harder for people to want to grasp. It does not allow anyone to say they know this or that and you need to know it too,  or that they have  risen above others and become important. "What is in it for me?" they may be asking, and the answer, "Nothing." In fact the truth is in simplicity. The truth is in its not setting anyone above anyone else. Jesus said that we can do greater things than he had done. Even such a great Avatar has set us up as equals!