May. 31, 2016


I have been spiritual most of my years that I can remember. This has been a blessing personally and a curse at the same time. I have been a member of the Christian church since born. As a red head skinny kid I was oftened bullied at different levels pretty much every where I went, and this included church. This allowed me to remain detached from being a blind follower. It allowed me to see how some of the most verbally devout Christians do not follow the teachings they express. How can you read about love while expressing distaste, etc., to this oppressed young man? It seemed easier to be forgiven and treated fairly if your color of skin was darker, but not if your hair was red and your skin milky white. The scriptures awakened to me on a different level. That became the problem.

I believe in reincarnation, but the church is strongly against it. Even in seminary they do not address scriptures like Hebrews 7:10: Levi was not yet born, but he was in the body of his ancstor when Meichizedek met Abraham." I just read this in the Greek, the NIV, the NASB and this quote is from the New Century Version. One translates it as Levi being yet in the loins of Abraham. Since Levi is the son of Jacob, the son of Isaac who was the son of Abraham there is no way for this to be interpreted literally (Levi can not be in his loins as he will need to be in Jacob's later). Another case for reincarnation is that of John the Baptist. The birth of Jesus was to be preceeded by one who was to prepare the way. Matthew 11:13-14 reads, "All the prophets and the law of Moses told about what would happen until the time John came. And if you believe what they said, you will believe that John is Elijah, whom they said would come." (NCV). NASB says "John himself is Elijah". NASB "he is the Elijah who was to come". Elijah was to come and prepare the way for the Christ. If this is said to not have happenned then Jesus is not the Christ.

So as a child and even as a grown up the church's stance on reincarnation made no sense. Not believing interferes with their belief in OT prophacies and the proofs used to say that Jesus is Christ.

Other spiritual skills that the church uses both ways is the belief that the wise men could use the stars to find Jesus and know of his time of coming, yet we are to ignore astrology as if it is evil!