Jun. 10, 2016


You do not have to torture yourself to get close to God. Find a comfortable position and begin with prayer. Talk to God as if God is your best friend (God is). I have a prayer in the Spiritual Skills section I do daily, but just open your heart and be sincere! Then meditate. During this time you just listen and feel. Do not try to not hear or feel anything. All is from God. Unless you are hallucinating there is no devil that is going to enter you and all that fearful nonsense. Just get into a comfortable position and listen and feel. Eventually your breathing will calm and you will hear a hugh pitch sound. That is your inner vibration, the sound of you! Keep on listening and feeling. Next you will begin to hear a deeper sound. That is now the one to focus on.

Systems that stress your body position as a way to open spiritual channels have it wrong. Otherwise people with spinal problems would be lost forever. We are like stars and there is no flow related to alignment of your spine, sitting a certain way, etc. The energy you gain from meditation makes your whole star shine like a light bulb getting increased power! God bless! Howard