Jul. 7, 2016


I saw a sign today that said that God is in control. Well, not really. We were created as co-creators with God and in God's likenss. We are free operating and thinking stars of energy. With us souls having freedom of will nothing is fated. God has desires for us and we should honor that, but are not having this demanded of us. The expression that God is in charge and ideas such as a devil being able to be in charge of us, etc., are all just our own concepts to avoid taking responsibility for our own actions. We start wars. We kill. We covet. We lie. We cheat. We steel. We torture. We abuse each other. We hord things we don't need instead of using our over amount of things to sell or give away to help others. You and I. We can turn this all around. Are you there to join me in this? If so, let me know! brthrlv@msn.com