Jul. 17, 2016


My ideas are presented in fictional form through the book: Killing Shang-Ti: The Short Life of Emily, and in the informational guide: 60 Days to a New You. Both are priced as low as the publisher's would allow.  They are available through Amazon and Kindle. To get to the real meaning read the whole book of Killing Shang-Ti (you will not even know what that means until you get to the end).  There are no hard backs, just soft editions and the Kindle digital versions.  I get about a dollar per book and would take that down to 50 cents if I could. I just want people to experience the truth. If you know someone who mught accept these ideas but not if hit in the face with them, these would be good conversation starters. 60 days is about 5 dollars and Killing Shang-Ti about 10 USD.