Aug. 7, 2016


The price of enlightenment (awareness) is recognizing your outershell as your equipment. Your soul is able to manipulate this as needed, but you tend to think of yourself as the equipment and not as the inner being. The hard part is completely giving up the belief you have of yourself and the equipment being one and the same. To become aware of your true self allows your true self to make the equipment what it needs to be (body and mind). Healthy. Happy. Helpful. Enduring. Wise. Peaceful. Hopeful. Loving. Kind. Understanding. In relation to others and your physical environement you have many fears and desires. You do not necessarily give these up. You replace them. You are an indestructable soul. This knowledge overcomes the fears. Your physical self can be remade by the soul. Your mind can relax and allow the awareness to recognize needs over desires. Meditate on becoming your inner self projected througout the rest of your being. Perfecting you. Protecting you. Above all, projecting out into creation love for all of creation. Feeling from within the love of God projecting through you from your soul. God bless you all. We love you.