Nov. 5, 2016


Thank you for your patronage and interest. I recently started more detailed studies of energy and energy flow. If you know my background this is not new territory for me. I have a deep interest in many areas, but I have to remiond myself that God is not that complicated. Neither is healing with energy. You are a shining star. You emit energy all the time. Some can see this energy and the colors that come through you caused by the energy and its fluctuating vibrations. When healing do not focus on the problems the person is having. Just let the energy flow through you and into them. You may only heal a symptom and maybe not even heal if you over control the energy. Let it flow through you and it will go where it is needed. Do not be concerned about negative energies and all the fears of using yours up, etc. It is not your energy. If you are truly using it for good it is replenished as it is used and the flow of the energy into and through you is also protecting you from anything negative. The easiest place to have your hands on the one you are healing is the shoulders. You and the receiver should get into comfortable positions. This does not require that you assume some super posture, or a certain way to hold the fingers, etc. Mostly it requires the desire to heal and be healed.