Nov. 13, 2016


My life is not yet directly affected by world issues, US political issues, even by local issues. Some in similar positions take the view that we should not be involved in change and should kinda just let it happen. Bear in mind that the issues will touch you and are likely touching you without your awareness. For example:

There is an increase in hyperactivity disorders. There is an increase in the waves in the air with also increased frequencies. Each cell phone, each T.V. channel broadcast (stations still broadcast in the air, but in HD), each radio broadcast, each use of a Ham radio, each planes signal to the towers to let them know their positions, and all the satalite broadcasts are going though the air. Through your air! That has to have an impact on the brain! Even if it does not get cancer from it, it is still information that has to be filtered out so that you are not consciously bombarded and unable to think.

Your water may come from a source downhill from an oil field, an oil pipeline. etc. If it is not taken care of it may not be harming you now, but it potetntially will. Someone needs to keep track of it and keep it safe. If you do not help keep track of such, do you know who is? What if they do not tell you? Flint, Michigan is an example of this happening now. This year.

Each of us has to make decisions on how much we stay involved. I realize we cannot all be involved in every issue. What can be your issue? Do you really want to sit back and do nothing about anything? Adopt an issue today and help us bring peace, HEALTH, hope, love, kindness, understanding and wisdom to all of creation. Play a small part if you want, but play a part!!