Nov. 15, 2016


I call us and you to task. This site is about souls and about love. Love is active. Even if you are just sitting and doing nothing, if you are thinking opposite of peace, health, hope, love, kindness, understanding and/or wisdom you are not contributing to love. I have indicated that we are like stars. We are beings of thought and energy. We are projecting energy at all times. Those who can see this energy see us as stars due to the energy going through us and out. This energy takes on colors according to our thought patterns. It is like a color projector hooked up to music so that certain notes or speeds of input from the music produces different colors. It is necessary to be reflecting red at times due to you being in a flight or fight mode. This is OK when needed, but if held onto too long produces ill health. Violet may reflect a more spiritual state, but if you keep your head there you do not accomplish much. The Aura is not like that pictured in books on spiritual levels, but is full of varied colors and degree of colors. Like the rainbow it can be beautiful to behold! However you need a balance of spiritual and physical to express the love of God going through you here and now. And that is your calling: to make some difference in the here and now to bring peace, health, hope, love, kindness, understanding and wisdom to all of creation (humans, animals, plants and minerals).  I apologize for any shortcomings I have had with this myself! These have been trying times and continue to be in the USA and elsewhere. We feel the need to remind you that many problems stim from our leaders, from misinformation and from wrong outlooks. If you meet someone from other places in the world one on one they all want the same things: water, food, shelter, someone to love, someone to be loved by, and for their loved ones to be safe. When we have leaders who try to get rich and to control these needs and who gets them our problems begin. Initially this comes from bullies growing up and becoming in power. It can also come from those who have been bullied working to get revenge. Then there is insanity. Much insanity comes from being bullied or responses to being bullied, like from family when young. We need to learn to do better with mental health issues and with education regarding our similarities, especially in the middle school years when it seems that many are focusing on the differences in a bad way. The sports minded against the arts minded. The races and skin colors. THe country versus the city. The rich versus the poor. In recent events with the pipeline it is the corporation against the people. Let us find ways to be together as a people on a planet and live like we depend on each other.