Dec. 24, 2016


We are all Avatars in the making, or Avatars already and not yet sure of it! In the past year you may have felt held back from expressing your true beliefs because those around you do not understand. Some might understand if they would open their hearts and minds, but they fear change. Some of you live in circumstances where expressing yourself might mean death! Hold back if you must, but do not stop your own growth. They can  not read your mind and take from you your inner joy, your wisdom and understanding. Find small ways to introduce peace, health, hope, love, kindness, understanding and wisdom to the world around you. Be the one who picks up the dropped item and return it to its owner. Be the one who gives a ride to someone, the one who provides food and other needs to your neighbor. This is a new spiritual year initiated by the returning of the light! The longest day has passed and each now regains a minute of light in the morning and a minute of light in the evening.  Well, in the Northern Hemisphere at least! Let yourself begin to grow back into the light and become a new born Avatar, Christ, Lama, etc. Be the one!!