Jan. 4, 2017


I was reading about this course that is to bring your dreams and your soul together. Your dreams reflect inner information from many sources to include your soul. You do not need advanced training for this. The trick is to get an understanding of what the symbols in your dream means to you. That is why dream books do not always help.  A dog can be a good symbol in dreams, or something that you need to run from. For a long time after college I had dreams with a female in it who had decided we were not meant for each other. It took a while for me to remember that we had talked alot about religions. Then I began to understand that she is in my dreams to indicate that it has a spiritual message for me. Books cannot interpret your dreams as well as you can. I have had prophetic dreams, but I never know which ones will come true, so I interpret them symbolically, while keeping an eye and ear out for them to happen as dreamed/predicted. I can help you with this kind of understanding if you need it, but save your money and do not spend it on nonsense classes. I offer this to you for free.