Jan. 10, 2017


There will NOT be a rapture. This is apparent even if you believe the Bible! In Revelation the time line has the evil followers of the evil one gathered together and eaten by the birds of the air. The good are left behind. Let me repeat it (and this is in Revelation!): THE GOOD ARE LEFT BEHIND and not the evil. They then spend 1,000 years with Jesus as the leader of the world. THat time period is called the Millenial Kingdom by Christians  who care to actually read the Revelation and not just go by what they hear from fear mongering get rich grow the church at any cost evangelicals and TV pastors. The joke of the rapture is perpetuated by strong right wing groups including Liberty Unniversity. Evidently their pastors and folowers are not allowed to actually read Revelation. BUT I am not coming from that. I have read and studied the Bible free of the encounterments of most because as a child even the devout Christians mistreated me, leaving me free to question what they said. I have gone beyond all that and if you have read my material you will understand that SUCH AN EVENT WOULD NOT ALIGN WITH THE OVERALL WILL OF GOD! The will of God is the preservation of creation. We fight our part in this because we are taught consciously that our individual society, religion and /or scripture makes us special. We fight to get others to believe our way, even killing others. We bomb and pollute and build into and waste what we were put here to protect in the name of a God of made up expressions that support our material way of life. We have empowered oil companies and political factions that continue to take us into the wrong paths. I give thanks to Standing Rock for a good example of how we CAN turn this around! THE TIME HAS COME. AWAKEN TO YOUR REAL SELF AND YOUR REAL MISSIONS IN LIFE! WAKE UP TO LOVE!!