Jan. 16, 2017


I live in Virginia and it is hard to vizualize global warming/climate change. But if you do much research the pictures are clear an there is no denying its presence! I do not need a scientist at this point to confirm what is so clear to the eye! So the next part of the conversation is how much do humans contribute? WHO CARES? The way we contribute to it, if at all for the sake of argument, is in ways that destroy our own health! Even if humans are not concerned about creation and keeping it clean and preserved for creation's sake and for the love of God, we shoiuld be doing what needs done for our health! So we should not be polluting the air, water and land! We should be converting to cleaner energies! We should be eating the best way we know! We should not be cutting into the tropical forests! Do we not care for ourselves? For our children? For our children"s children? Even as selfish creatures we do not make sense!