Feb. 4, 2017


I have been spending my time lately blogging on Facebook in response to many of the anti-God, anti-love, anti-earth, etc., things being said and done. Remember, as souls our missions on this earth are to take care of it and one another. Do the best that you can to support love of each other and to love this planet as your way of returning appreciation of the love of God.

Because of my time spent in other sites a question came up that I want to address. I think I did before, but this is an important thing to understand. Why does a loving God allow there to be poverty, homelessness, etc., to be a part of our lives here? God has provided what we need. WE keep it from each orther out of greed and selfishness. I state often that there would be NO homelessness if all the churches, synagogues, temples, etc., took them in. In my town there are more churches than homeless, so it would only take one here. I can not talk about other countries, but I am sure that just like in the US a lot of food goes to waste daily. If, instead of the space programs and such, we spent more money on making more pure water and purer energy we would be better off. We have the resources, we have the ability, we have the knowledge. You can argue over whether there is a God and whether God gave us these tools, but you can not argue about the reality of what I just said. God gave us freedom of will. How are you using it??