Mar. 8, 2017

Cure for Alzheimer's!

MSN had on its main page the relationship of blood sugar levels to Alzheimer's Disease today. I have been telling patients and others about this for years and they looked at me as if I was crazy! The problem per this article is decreased sugar uptake. I have had a few families listen to me and get their loved ones tested. I have a feeling that the usual blood sugar tests do NOT reveal this problem. What is the primary mechanism for decreasing blood sugar? Ingesting too much s...ugar. The body gets too much and begins to decrease the manufacturing of the uptake chemicals, decreasing sensitivity to insulin, etc. I have personally witnessed many over years in therapy have sudden and unexplainable clear moments. For a long time I suspected something in the diet was responsible, but did not have a way to test this. I have been suspicious of it being at times when they have had less sugar because of not having visitors for days to bring it in. I have tried to get families to withhold sugar because they want their loved one to remember them, but many feel food is love and they will not do it. Sad.