Mar. 13, 2017


I continued to read articles on the sugar connection. Most were reporting on the same cellular mechanisms, but each added to the other. There was an article on "Mashable" with no date titled, "Scientists find new link between sugar and Alzheimer's". One was from (2/24/17) titled , "Scientists establish 'tipping point' molecular link between blood sugar and Alzheimer's Disease." Another from Translational Psychiatry 2017.  Finally one from Medical News today of 4/13/16, titled, "Study: Almost half of Alzheimer's cases are due to hyperinsulinemia."  The way it works is that there is a breakdown from the processing of sugar in the brain. An enzyme that is supposed to deal with the sugar also processes a protein. Since the protein cannot get process because this enzyme is busy working on the excess sugar battle the protein sticks around and becomes the plaques and tangles we know as Alheimer's. The enzyme specifically is MIF (Microphage migration Inhibitory Factor).   The "bad" protein is called Amyloid-beta. The current name for this problem is Diabetes Type 3. Testing for this through the blood is not yet viable. You may or my not have high or low blood sugar with this. It is a sugar processing deficit in the brain. They are working on developing a test. Scientists have discovered that another protein will help to process the Amyloid-beta called p-38. Work continues on hoe to increase this protein in the body (it ia a protein naturally in our bodies) and specifically into the brain. There is also develpoment underway for a vaccine for this condition, possibly coming out in 5 years. But why wait? GenMed on 12/15/13 ("Sugar and Your Brain: is Alzheimer's Actually Type III Diabetes?") gives information regarding controlling and even reversing its progression. I would list them for you here, but need permission first. Please go there! The information has been further researched and backed up, but they have the easiest wording that I could find. Even better: treat yourselves and your loved ones as if they have diabetes. Do not take candy bars, sodas, cakes, pies, fruit juices, ice cream, or lots of breads/rolls/donuts/pastries...  You may feel you are loving them, but you are killing them and destroying their memories. It is why they can not remember you. Having them call you by name again would be more of a loving situation then the short pleasure they may get from those foods!