Mar. 22, 2017


I hate to become old in my thoughts. I have heard in my lifetime many talking about how things keep getting worse and wanting us to go back to the good old days. I hope that in reality we are getting better. I see that statistically crimes have been going down for nearly twenty years (17?). It does not seem that way. But that is phenominal when you think about the increase in population! Self driving cars will decrease accidents and will make it safer for animals! The cars can see things that are not yet visible to a human driver. A car coming fast down a crossing street. A human about to cross. An animal ahead on the side of the road. There is now increased understanding of many health issues. So, all taken into account, we are getting better. It just doesn't feel like it. And those who do not want to accept it and who try to turn it around may do so for a while, but the trend is for the better. So the Trump's of the world who do not care about the earth, the poor, the homeless, etc., will last only a short time in the scheme of things and then we will recover and transcend. I pray you are part of that recovery process and that you are one who gives hope to others. I pray daily for peace, health, hope, love, kindness, understanding and wisdom. God bless you all. Howard.