Apr. 11, 2017


I watched a movie today called "Akira". The movie is about a female in India or nearby. She sees a friend get acid in her face from some boys that she did not please. Her whole life is one problem after another. As she overcomes one it just gets worse. In the end she sacrifices herself for the good of many. It is a violent film, but does cover social problems that I feel many will identify with. I was impressed with one message, "Live your life by your own power". This may not be a direct quote as much as the idea, but it is close. By the time I got to my computor I was no longer sure of the exact words. My message is to live life this way, and that the power comes from your soul. Your connections with God, your connection to truth, your connection to real love...all come from your connection to your soul. Live your life in a way to gain more of this connection!!