May. 1, 2017


It is hard to live by your own advice! Knowing what is right and wrong can be easy. Living by what is right and not doing what is wrong is the truly hard part! Life offers so many variable. There are so many ideas that on one hand work and apply very specifically to the good, but can be used to bring about the bad. Illegal drug use has been around me and andmessing people up close to me. Some to the point of becoming paranoid and unfocused, requiring hospitalization.Yet even those around them, as well as the one directly impacted, still report to others that it is safe. They portray the drug life to be cool and desired. Yet they witnessed the opposite! How do you overcome such avoidance of the truth? On the other hand, some seek help from physicians for pain and do not get the help needed and have to turn to whomever they can to get the help. This need then helps with perpetuating the drug environment. What a mess we have put ourselves in!!It is best to eat right, drink right. exercise right and avoid the need. Sa no as much as you can to the bad and live the best you can in the good. Seek help and advice from those who truly intend to help and not to manipulate you into a world of the bad and evil. Judge your life and decisions on if it is brining peace, health, hope, love, kindness, understanding and/or wisdom. I am not trying to oversimplify here. I recognize how hard that is to do. I have spent many years in the attempt to do this. I get better as time goes on, but have burned many bridges along the way. May God bless those burned and bring some kind of good from it. May God bless the good I have done and do by multiplying the good that comes from it!

I pray the same for each of you!!