May. 17, 2017


I was trying to decide what to express in light of all the "stuff" going on. My first thought was to the political mess in the USA, but then I thought of France and just kept broadening out. I feel awareness is very much a key, but I am writing about the awareness of the soul's directives to us. Certainly true awareness of what is right and wrong in the earthly plain is important, and accompanied with wisdom can bring one closer to a communication with the soul. True wisdom IS the communication from the soul. Gaining that should be each person's goal in life. All else should be secondary. The second is to use that wisdom, that enlightenment in your living. Live to be enlightened, and then live enlightened. I encounter that when I truly do this life is that simple. Yet, probably like you, I spend too much time being complex. Forgive me if I do not make my messages more clear. Demand of me to keep it simple. The truth is in the simple.  My simple message is:

God is love. We are expressions of that love. We are to live love by taking care of creation on this planet, by loving each other, and by loving God. If you question what you are doing evaluate what you are doing based on the love it brings.

God bless you all!