Aug. 21, 2017


There was much fear from those that continue to interpret the Bible from fear. Much discussion was given regarding Revelation 12 with a connection to the eclipse. Revelation 12 is about Mary giving birth to Jesus, Jesus going to heaven and winning the battle against a dragon, and that there are more of her children protected on the earth for our future help. It is a positive message, not a negative one. The name satan is brought up, but in the Greek it is satanos. The text talks about the accuser, but it is really accusers. This holds true with the use of the word in Old and New Testament. It refers to accusers that are angelic, human, in the plural and singular. In this case it is referring to Christians being accused of wrong doing before God, but that the true believers win the battle in heaven and have help here to win the battle on earth. The children of the woman are those that stay true to God. When they are accused the accusations will not hold because of their steadfastness. In Timothy it states that we were not given the power of fear, but of love and self control. Live love, not fear!