Oct. 16, 2017


The message of love looses out to the messages of false expectations and of fears. It is as if the majority of people prefer to live in fear and to follow those who want them to believe events like the rapture are going to happen on any number of days. When the preachers are wrong they find excuses for it  and their followers keep going to their sites by the thousands per day! I noticed yesterday that a man was charging as low as 8 dollars per person for people to come and let him stare at them! They are going by droves! He stands there and , I guess, emits love through his eyes and many are healed! It is very emotional. There is a web site you can go to as well. I suppose that means he can benefit you by staring at you through digital projections? Why do so many follow such people, when the truth is free? When the truth is love? I get money only from the sales of books. When I write them I price them as low as allowed by the publisher. Sex might sell well, but God's love does not! What a strange way we live, we humans!