Oct. 27, 2017


We are souls created to freely commune with God. We were deliberately made with that in mind. So we have free will, and some use that in ways that separate them from the Creator. Since God does not control the whole of creation , God cannot "know all" ahead of time. God and some of us can see patterns and predict outcomes, but not true prophacies. Instead of prophets it is more he title "Seers". As time continues on, and as people grow and learn and change their minds and directions, what was "seen" becomes less accurate. We see this with seers in modern times like Edgar Cayce. Very accurate for many years, and then less accurate and gradually less known. Many are currently calling themselves "Watchmen". They go deeply into scriptures and archaic knowledge from OT on. They use whatever helps prove their point. The trouble is the information was "seen" long ago and is no longer of any value. Yet, even when they are wrong several times over, people still follow them! Be careful! There are many waiting to lead you astray!