Nov. 6, 2017


More killings. This time in a church. A question arose that at least one main stream pastor responded to: Why did God not stop this from happening. The response from that pastor: it probably kept a child from becoming an atheist. Yes. That would be worse than you having to experience a child of yours being killed. 

Correct response: 1. We have freedom of will. 2. God may have tried to stop this. There were reports of this person not acting right, yet nothing was done in reaction to this information. This man possessed assault rifles even though he had a history of being courrt martialed for a violent offense in the Air Force and having fractured his step son's skull. The signs were there, but ignored. Were they signs from God? Doesn't matter. We have signs of many things that we ignore and do not do anything about. 

The question: will you be brave and be the hero who reports such signs and help avoid these kinds of events?