Feb. 15, 2018


I pray for the victims of the school shooting.  That includes those who saw, the ones shot, their families, friends, in some cases maybe co-workers, associates in synagogues and churches and temples, I pray also for the shooter and all asociated with him. Do not blame God. Victims do not blame yourselves. God has placed in writing and in the minds of many the need to control weapons. We are to beat our swords into plow shares. We are not to kill. We, as a paople of God (whatever name you use) recognize these in words from our songs, our poetry, our writings.  We know what is right, but do the opposite. May our leaders listen to the wisdom that is in our face and not to groups that lead us to our own destruction. It is not enough to pray for peace and love. You must live it. The mission that is set upon us is to do whatever we can as individuals to seek out people in need, and when it is someone like this ex-student, to provide the help needed. I am not excusing the violence or his responsability for it. But it was known that he was not a current student and it was known that he had a problem. SO how did he get his weapons? How was it that he got in the school?  I hold him personally responsable, but I wonder about psychiatry today and about security in our schools.