Mar. 22, 2018


I work in therapy (Occupational Therapy). I see patients often with conditions that can be helped by natural means. One example is diabetes. If they would eat and rink right they could control their problem, yet I witness them cheating often. They will be getting, or have gotten, legs amputated. Still, they continue to drink sodas, eat cakes, pies, candies, and so on. I had one say one day, "I'm going to eat a piece of cake today. I hve not had one in weeks.", and then the next day say the same thing about a piece of pie! We rationalize all the bad things that we do and keep doing them to our demise. We ignore scriptures that say, "It is not the one who says "Yes, Yes" that shall get into heaven, but the one who DOES the will of God." (Matthew 7:21). We facor insteasd ones that say things  about just believing being enough We like to point to others and their evils, while ignoring our own (the log in our eye). It does matter what we do. It matters in this life and interferes with our missions work if we partake of what is evil. Here is a list of evil foods and drinks we should avoid to have better health. I am working on these as well and pray to be a better example of a loved one of God, and a lover of God:

Sodas. Diet sodas. Candy. Cakes. Pies. Breads. Sugar. Sugar substitutes. Juices. Milk. Cheeses. Pastas. Beef. Fish. Pig meats. Hog meats. Tomatoes. Sweat teas. Coffee. 

Work on these diligently. Remember this, in the words of Lao Russell: God Will Work With You, But Not For You.