Apr. 15, 2018


Just because bad things happen to you do not mean you deserve it. Some people do things to you for their own reasons. THEY were having a bad day, and you just happened to get in it. One of the greatest gifts you can gain is awareness. A second is discernment. MAYBE, not always is it the case, you could have seen the person coming with the bad day, and maybe you could have discerned that and soothed them somehow. Maybe. Still, some things just happen. Don't blame yourself  for such incidents.  If such moments happen often, then look at your life for patterns. How can you change to change those around you? How can you change you to be a better you? God is in al things. I truly know that God talks to us through others. BUT we do not listen or do not respond. When people figured out that the tabacco companies knew about smoking causing cancer, many sued an won lots of money. Now everyone knows and none seem to doubt the connection. Yet they smoke. Diabetics lose limbs due to poor circulation, yet they continue to eat sugar and lose more. God speaks, but not always as a voice in a burning bush. What messages are you ignoring or not applying??