May. 22, 2018


I continue to be amazed at some insight flowing into my consciousness. It isn't really new to me, just more clarified and calling for more dedication. I tell others that blaming God for the wrong in the world is very wrong. We were given freedom of will so we could relate to God  freely and not as robots in a controlled manner and controlled and cold manner.  God does not intervene in order to keep us free. HOWEVER God DOES provide us with information about what is right and what is wrong. Characteristically we ignore this. We were created to commune with God. Those souls residing on Earth chose to be here to preseve it out of love to God. Once here many have ignored this mission and opted for enjoyment in ways other than viewing the beuty that is ours to see and conserve.  When we learn to drive, we can chose to transport ourselves and/or others where we are needed. Along the way we can enjoy the sights, stop and meet others, stop and dine out, and so on. Many instead decide to enjoy speed and gain "fun" from driving too fast, driving unsafe, etc. Many motivations are behind these actions, but none from the perspective of what our mission on earth is.  In the USA we talk frequently about our rights. Right to do what we want. Right to say what we want. Right to dress how we want. It is not right. It is a right, but each right should be used righteously.