May. 29, 2018


As you begin your new life you need to make decisions. The first was to be OK with change and to begin your journey of change to a life with God in loving action. If you are reading this you are on Earth. Why? Some would say it is because of sin. So, the belief there is in a past life and in, therefore, reincarnation. Otherwise you would not be born here because of sinning, but in a neutral state (beginning from scratch). You were not placed here because you were going to sin, nor because of an original sin that you somehow gain a responsibility for. Our loving God does not work that way. You were born on Earth under an agreement with God to take care of Earth and all that lives over, under, around and through it. Now I ask you to explore what this means to you personally. Keep praying and keep observing all. While you do these seek to sense your role, your mission on Earth. What do you feel drawn to? Are ther events in your life that keeps suggesting something?