Jun. 9, 2018


This series of exploration of your true self began on May 23 and can be viewed on my blog at www.godslovingways.com. Please view them by starting on the entry for that day and come forward. Those of you who are following this have been most recently seeking patterns in your lives to get a sense of what God is saying to you personally. I hope you have gained a better understanding of your mission here on earth! Now begin to apply that. Does God want you to be sick? Of course not! How can you complete a mission if you are sick?  I will help you understand how to become well, but first I want you to understand the possibility of improved health. In everybodies chest are adult stim cells.  These cells are capable of becoming whatever kind of cell we need and replicate themselves without error! When you meditate and pray you activate these cells and increase your power for healing! As these are released they begin immediately to start fixing other cells! Your responsability then is to feed these cells what they need for purer replication and optimum healing.  To satrt this healing processs, begin to meditate and pray often. Drink more water and less crap (your body is more water than anything else!).  Thirdly: breathe out! When you lose weight it leaves your body at 80% through your breathing out! So breathing out gets rid of more crap than sweating, defacating or urinating! Find a quiet place and just breathe out for a count of ten or so, hold briefly, then breathe in and repeat. You can do this working, driving, etc., but learn your best method in a quiet situation. That is it for now. Breathe, breathe, breathe! God be with you!