Jun. 14, 2018


Since beginning the journey back in May you have been exploring your purpose for being on Earth and what God may be telling you personally through research, actions of those around you, your personal insights, media, and so on. You have been looking for patterns. I have begun to teach you some about healing. I have encountered many who are living in pain, fear, "gloom, dispair and agony..." These keeps them from becming what they are meant to be. Finding the voice of God in your life on a personal level will alleviate these, but some are so fearful they cannot move to get away. To help you venture forward in your journey toward the loving God (God has never turned from you, if you feel left by God it is your doing. God waits for you to turn to God! Your only "sin" is turning from God! God's love is everywhere and in all things! Just continue to open to it!) try to understand what is your main barrier. If it is fear, what are you willing to do? Study self defense? Move to a safer place? Leave an abusive situation? Who can help you? Unloved? Reeally? God loves you! If you do what you feel God wants you to do you will very likely find someone to share with that has the same mission. So go for that! You will be demonstrating love of God and by that attracting the love of others! Think on these things!

Your mission on earth is to help God take care of this part of creation. That may include helping others stay well to do their part. It may be financially supporting a group that preserves trees, cleans rivers, cares for aimal, and any countlesss other contributions. What have you come up with? What is your soul's urge?