Jul. 3, 2018


Part of your journey is improved health. Healing is enhanced by the belief that you can be healed. Human embryonic stem cells were isolated in 1998. The research on them and their hope for use in healing was hampered and halted. In 2006 adult skin cells were found to allow some manipulation into a pluripotent state (by Shiya Yamanaka). Next finding was from Tisty, et al, from the University of California in San Francisco. The skin cells had to be converted into pluripotent cells, but Thea Tisty et al discovered that adults have about one in every 10,000 breast cells that are adult pluripotent stem cells. By 2013 they used these to get a cell that began to beat like a heart! I firmly believe that there are true cases of people healing others and healing themselves. It is very likely that these pluripotent (many potentials) cells are triggered to become what is needed and in some way guided to heal what is malfunctioning. To improve your health today begin pray and meditate.

1. Pray: praying to God for healing opens cellular and neuronal pathways. God will respond through your soul to open your physical body to the healing process. Pray. Believe. Do.

2. Meditate: God does not work alone. God works through others and through you to "get er done!" You are going to be a co-creator as you learn and begin to activate  stem cells in your chest. You will then need to supply the right foods and drinks to  provide them them what they need to beging to replicate as perfectly as they can the malfunctioning cells (from their malfunctioning to state of the art cells). You probably have signs and symptoms that you will want to alleviate. DO NOT FOCUS ON THESE! You are to meditate to open the channels for healing only. What you feel to be wrong may not be where the true healing is needed.  For God guided healing use this meditation: Get in a comfortable position. You do not need a straight spine and all that kind of nonsense. God heals you whether you have a straight spine or a crooked one. Just get in a position that alllows you to be comfortable and focused.  Breath in and out for a short while and just pay attention your breathing. Do NOT try to control it. Just become aware of it. Your breathing will naturally slow down. As you feel yourself becoming more relaxed and more focused on your breath, begin to visualize  and even feel energy going into and out of your chest.  Do not try to guide where it comes from or where it goes to. Just feel it  in your chest going in and out. 

Everything effects everything else. As you begin this healing you are also opening yourself to improved mental states and improved communication with your soul and God!