Jul. 19, 2018


Last entry on the Journey highlited health and healing. Another part of becoming you is HOPE.  I have encouraged your finding a mission and becming healthier. Hope helps in these. With hope you can pursue your mission with more energy. With hope you can better prsue your healing.  As a soul you never cease to exist! You came into being by the LOVE of GOD. You assumed personhood on this planet in a covenant with God to help with the conservation of this part of creation. When your mission ends and/or it becomes clear you have quit persuing it, you return to your soul state, leaving the physical behind. You return to the direct communion with God that you left. Then you can remain in the presence of God, or decide to again take on another mission. This is not forced on you It is offered and accepted from love. There is no hell. You can debate if living on this planet is hell. It is not meant to be. Misguided souls have turned it toward that, but it is meant to be a paradise!! You can stay here and help it become that, or you can rejoin God in loving direct communion. Your life here can be in communion with God as you focus on your mission. No hell! Communion with God! Hope is in this if you understand and live in accordance!