Jul. 24, 2018


We are all on a journey toward peace, health, hope, love, kindness, understanding and wisdom. Previous entries of this series can be found in my blog section at the web site godslovingways.com. Kindness, undertsanding and wisdom are branches of love. Love is the beginning of your journey, as you were created from love (God) and in the spirit of love (the living united with God and one another). If you are at one with God you are living with all seven present in your personality and way of being. To reach this learn your mission in life (to support God in maintaining creation on this planet by working with creation, with the health of others for performing their missions and/or developing and maintaining the skills of others to perform their missions); apply what you can of peace, health, hope, ove, kindness, understanding and wisdom while performing your mission; and seeking unity (love) over separation (sin) with God and others. You will make mistakes along the way. Learn from them and recognize no matter how old you are you will continue to learn and do better. Forgive your past and contiue to do y0ur best. Amen. God be with you.