Aug. 27, 2018


I want to provide for you a mantra that is empowering for your body, min, and soul. Meditation is listening for God to speak to you. Mantras are more about centering yourself for self improvement, getting closer to God, improving your health, etc. Do not replace your meditation time with this mantra. I want you to be comfortable physically and to breathe out and in for a slow count of 5 each way. You can go slower, but do not rush it.  PLace one hand on your heart as well. One hand may go on your abdomen to help you feel if you are breathing correctly, but you are focusing energy to the heart area. As you breathe in and out say or think these words:

I am the presence of and the projector for God's peace, and health, and hope, and love, and kindness, and understanding and wisdom.

Due to our connection with all this will do more to change creation to these than any fighting, arguing, fretting, etc. You are changing the vibration to the positive and to the desire for love of the one God. 

You are also benefitting yourself in that 80% of fat is removed from the body through breathing, through the extended breathing you are telling your mind that you are not full of fear and it can relax; you are allowing the heart cells  (it's intrinsic cardiac ganglia afferent neurons) to heal you and to improve your memory; and it also helps to stimulate the pleuripotent somatic adult stim cells in your chest to multiply and become whatever stim cells you need for improved replication.