Oct. 8, 2018


My response to a facebook question put to me regading dualism: Soul-mind-brain-body quadism? Body responds on two levels: brain interactions and reflexive/spinal interactions. The mind interacts with the brain and soul. The soul interacts with the mind and God. The soul is the collection of all experiences encountered by the individual from creation. The mind is centered mostly on this life's experiences, but compares this one to others . The brain is the collection of memories from this life only and the processing of information in the now (intaking, processing and responding). The body is the tool for communicating and for responding in this world, hopefully for the better of self and creation at large. As far as other animals in the dualistic idealism, they have group souls from which the individual animal can progress from and become an individualized soul. I witnessed a group of crows eating off of a carcus on the road. There were four of them. As my car approached them three flew into the air. The fourth casually stepped back, and in my rear view mirror I saw it step forward again and begin to eat. It had begun to separate from the others in its understanding of how cars do.