Oct. 22, 2018


This site continues to receive 120 visits per week. I pray it has helped many. I encourage yout to e-mail me at brthrlv@msn.com with questions you have or anything you would find helpful to others visiting here. I deliberately make few entries here as I want to stick to basic truths. Due to US political turmoil that also reflects some of the rest of the world's way of business I want to state some beliefs that apply and that are directly related to the beliefs stated in this site.

1. There is enough food to feed all and it is our duty to get it where it is needed

2. There is enough clean water to provide the needs of all and it is our duty to get it where it is needed

3. Medical care should be provided to all creation 

4. Housing should be provided for all in need (animals and people)

5. Climate control should be available where needed (air conditioning and heating)

6. Reusable energy should be the focus of refurbishing of older homes and in any new constructions

7. Climate change is for real and should be recognized and acted upon. Global warming is no longer as much a concern as the ice age to come after. Humans are placing substances in the air that will contribute to a more intense cooling than we have had. 

8. Males and females are equal

9. Everyone of every race are equal

10. God did not draw lines on maps and did not select any one people, religion, country as chosen over another.