Nov. 12, 2018

Some in your face truths and responses to false teachings

The Earth is not flat. If you have ever flown in a plane or been able to be in flat lands where you can see the Earth curve down and away from you, you know it is round (maybe oval). Otherwise you would see it as flat from above and your view would only be ended of land because you can not see that far (even if using visual assistance).

The Earth does not separate heaven and hell. It dwells in creation. Since it isn't flat it isn't dividing. 

There is no hell. The six words in Greek and Hebrew that the interpretors of the Bible translated into the one word  "Hell" do not refer to such an interpretation, but actually translate into three separate meanings. 

There is no heaven. Death is a change of being. We return to free existing souls that communicate openly with the Creator and one another as needed. We change our being to accomplish missions for God without demand or command (such as being physical beings on Earth).

There is no devil or satan. We are our own beasts. There is not a creature leading us into sin. We do that on our own and are responsible for the outcomes of our actions or inactions.