Nov. 16, 2018


No heaven. No hell. No purgatory. A change of being. My mistake in wording. We are always souls. We are always connected to God and each other. We incarnated into a physical being on this planet to assist God in this portion of creation's care and to care for all that are here for the same reason. That includes all humans. Us. We. It is not us against the world, but us for the world. This incarnation resulted in clouded connection with our true being, our souls, and their connections to God. Soul to God connection never ends. The expression of God consciousness getting to our human consciousness from the spirit has been altered. We can gain the clarity with a strong desire to do it. We each need to examine our living in four ways to follow the path:

1. Your relationship with God

2. Your relationship to your health.

3. Your relationship to others.

4.Your relationship to creation.