Mar. 6, 2019

Just take it easy!

Too often I hear from seekers whose quest has taken them through many systems and experiences. These can take years of committment and often much money. I studied for free with a man people were paying 1,000 dollars a day to be with! When we were through I was very happy to include his teaching in what I do, but I would have had a different opinion had I been one to pay! I studied with a mystical group for years and learned a lot of words for concepts that I also found in books that revealed the same esoteric teachings within a few hours! 

From all that I went through it seemed that getting to know yourself and your relationship to God and the universe would be very complex. 




Recently I was told that one person's friends would not come to this site, or not find it what they are looking for. What are they looking for? Degrees? Levels of learning so they can say how far along they are? 


One martial arts instructor I had was very good at teaching. I was asked by many what belt I had. White. You wore white until you mastered the teaching. You did not strive for levels, but for mastery. 


I could make a list of all the religions I have studied, all the groups and people I have studied along with. I find that when I do this instead of having people say, "Wow!", they say I am bragging. Instead of seeing me as a master they find things and systems I have not studied, giving them reasons to turn away.


BUT I tell you that God is not that complex. I have taken my years of learning and simplified the teachings to quicken your awakening. It is all here. It is all free. Read it and enjoy!

Love always,