Apr. 5, 2019


We are the total of our parts when it comes to expressing ourselves and in terms of our ability to accomplish our goals. I am not talking spirit here, but about our physical and mental selves that are tools for the spirit. I get statistics on what pages are viewed and by how many. Of course, all entering here see the opening page. Then it goes to my blog, then the spirit. Few go on to the physical and mind sites. If your nind is not clear it is more difficult to think through what you are to do. It is also more difficult to overcome addictions that affect your body performance, health, size, etc. If your body is out of shape, unable to endure, you get short of breathe, etc., then it becomes difficult to meditate and to physically accomplish your mission. Example: too much sugar expands the waist. This decreases flexibility, endurance, reaching down, walking longer distances, carrying groceries. It also leads to increased mental deficits. Because it produces abnormal levels of insulin and sugar in your body and your brains, it distracts the enzymes and proteins that control amyloid processes and leads directly to ALzheimer's, Parkinson's and other related conditions. Even if you do not go to these pages in my works, it is well for you to find a way learn to develop body and mind as well as soul!