May. 22, 2019


I just made it through some tough times by the shear will to live, I guess. Why? The only answer I have of merit is this web site and to continue to assist my wife who is blind. I work two jobs, one is ten hour days. I do a lot around the house and do research. Unbeknown to me I was a walking time bomb! One nurse told me I was practicing dying! Anywat, I had a heart attack at work. Before they knew for sure what was wrong I had one in the hospital. I had a 99 percent blockage which they cleared, and then put in a stint. They were still unsure of things, so I went home with a monitor. I live in the country (way out there!), so the cell service did not pick up information from the device. When I mailed it back in it began to communicate as it got closer to civilization. Then they knew my heart had stopped several times, including that morning! By the time I knew about it I had been walking, doing dishes, etc. Ended up with a pacemaker. If you eat kinda right, exercise kinda right (more so than your famiy, friends and co-workers, don't think your OK. Genetis still have a play, and some of us have to go beyond kinda right to being right!! 

I died once as a teen from double pneuonia. I had a near death experience then, but told no one at the time because I did not know what the experience was. When I came to I fought to get back to where I had been. I knew it was where I wanted to be. My Mom remembered, once I told her (after a book came out and I knew what had happened and had a name for it), that the second time I went out they "liked to never brought you back around." My heart stopped more than three times, during the current go round. I remember a deep experience, but can not recall what was said to me. Sorry. I guess it is in there somewhere and might come out later. I have a feeling it will stay subliminal. Maybe God doesn't want me to get cocky? 

I do not know anyone presenting the truth as I do here. Most are after some clam to fame or money. I support myself and keep this site going on my own funds, no one else's. I hope you sense the validity of the information. God bless us all. Amen.