Be sure and consult a physician before starting a diet no matter how much you trust the source. More details of these ideas are now available in my book: 60 DAYS TO A NEW YOU: MOVING OUT OF THE SPIRIT OF SICKOLOGY. I have decreased this to a thirty day program and included it attached to this section. Two major changes you can make today to reduce pain, heal many body parts, stop some of your aging, decrease high blood pressure and reduce dependence on diabetic meds: Stop taking in extra sugar. Stop drinking sodas. Not even diet. No sodas. Pray and meditate daily. God be with you on accomplishing just these!


    Be sure and consult with a physician before starting an exercise program, no matter how much you trust the source. Think push and pull. The body needs to extend the arm for the hand to push away, or to bend to gain something for retrieval The body needs to flex and bring the retrieved item(s) in, or to pull away from something; or to pull the hand in from things that might burn or harm in some way. The legs need to flex and extend to get us to somewhere, get us away from harm, etc. Exercising burns sugars first, then fats, and then protein. Do not exercise beyond 15 to 20 minutes at a time with this in mind. You want to burn your sugars and fats. You do not want to lose muscle. Exercises following this pattern I have found most beneficial: 3 sets of 10 repetitions with a fourth to failure. Have 45 to 60 seconds between sets. Use a weight that you can lift in correct form only, even if that has to be very low (1 pound or less- do not care if others make fun of something like that, do what works best for you!). Use a weight that works well for you and in the time frame that works for you. If you can correctly use 20 pounds and this is what it takes to fail on the fourth set so you finish your routine in fifteen minutes as you need to, use it. Go for safety first and correct form. A healthy routine is available in 60 Days to a New You, and to the attached thirty day program.

After publishing 60 Days to a New You I came across sound science on the subject of milk. I have heard milk as being both good and bad from different sources that seemed legitimate both ways. Recently this explanation was given for the problem with milk: the molecular weight is such that it is not processed in the stomach as needed. This causes it to not be formed into a chain of amino acids as needed for the intestines to process it. It also stays in the stomach longer and  dilutes stomach acids allowing bad bacteria to grow more and this begins to erode the stomach lining. Then the unprocessed protein gets out to the blood stream. It is eventually processed into mutant cells that like to attack/collect on autoimmune glands like the addenoids and tonsils. This is turn decreases the bodies ability to fight infection and more free radicals.