Please read the section on Becoming You to understand yourself as a soul better. This section is focused on soul expression, both to help you understand how you express yourself and to help you understand others. It is helpful information whether you see auras or not.


There are many different personalities that we need to learn to love. Each of us changes our approach to life at times and in order to love ourselves and others we should seek to understand these differences. In the following information I am using illustrations typically presented in chakra levels. They are more easily understood as levels, but in the human aura they are colors projected from you based on vibrations. Not everyone can see auras, but this information will still be of importance to you, your approach to others, and your application of love. Should you see a human aura you will see a star in a field of gold. Emanating from the star will also be colors based on the vibrations from the person's state of being. The chakras you hear about and see pictured illustrate basic meanings of these colors, but present them as levels. Your soul is more like a star of energy. Colors you see in the aura represent various thoughts and ideals that you are having now. They can be positive or negative. At times they may have positive in a negative. Love of something can include or lead to anger as the individual emotionalizes itself to action.  The following guidelines are focusing on the seven colors that most people are used to seeing and/or hearing about. I have encoded the seven below these in my book, The Killing of Shang-Ti. They are also located in my blog section. There are 7 above these as well that are taught in some Mystery Schools, ancient texts, and directly from an Avatar.

RED: Red in the aura indicates the individual is focused on security and survival. Remember, all colors can be present in the aura. The amount of one in comparison to others helps to understand the state of the one with the aura. Red can indicate anger, fear, aggression. It can also indicate a focus on serving, on surviving, security, on family or other group preservation. The person may be striving to know basic information about something they are involved in and are keeping it simple as they process this information. When seen only as a low level and a first step toward spiritual supremacy it negates the need we have for being grounded. I do find that if a person is secure they are better able to pray and meditate than when focused on fear, feeling anxious. You would appreciate this color present in a survival situation and in one who is serving you in some way. Also on a positive note look for courage! Green present with red indicates some caring and compassion. To work with someone who presents themselves as mostly red, or whose aura when you see it is mostly red, use rewards that deal with basic needs and survival. Until they overcome a focus on basic needs they (or you) are not likely going to discuss the higher ideals of God, the cosmos, etc. Sometimes you just need to get back to the basics to understand better the heady otherworld knowledge being typically experienced by the person with much violet! Sometimes you have a violet experience and  begin to turn red as you process what it means to you! If you feel you are here and that it is a problem for you (you feel anger, insecurity, greediness, and you are constipated), meditate on being at one with all and on feeling secure. Seek to learn to be patient, to be still and know that you are God's!

ORANGE: The characteristics with this color present dominantly  centers around relationships, emotions, sexuality, intimacy, self worth, creativity, empathy. On the dark side is sex without love, isolation, a focus on getting and not giving, and guilt. On the brighter side you can expect intimacy, sex with love, reproduction, energy, and creativity. If you feel stuck here meditate on being good to others and being a beautiful sensual being.

YELLOW: With yellow we see levels of will power, self control, self will. The individual may be working on some level of self mastery. This can manifest negatively in shame by not being in the state they are trying to achieve, and cynacism toward others who are not at their self judged superior state. As these individuals identify what it is they stand for, it can then lead to martyrdom.  Meditate on activating personal power and taking strong stands for righteousness.

GREEN: Sharing, trust, balance, love of self and others are all associated with green. Love interests stim more from respect and compassion. Good coping skills noted. Good observation skills. Predominantly present in scholars. Green can be stubborn, attached. These traits can be viewed as negative, but being stubborn if one is truly right is a strength. Since it is more natural for one to be focusing on love when green is present, the individual should meditate on love, but focus on acting in love.  

TURQUOISE: Blue is accepting, healing, hearing and self expression. Communication, sound, vibration, listening, speaking, writing. Seeking the truth. With this color present we tend to see the whole individual and the One Will. YET the presence of power (plus and minus) greed is a possibility too.This color is seen in sages. Balance of male/female and yin/yang. Meditate on the higher self, truth and integrity. Act with integrity.

INDIGO: When much indigo is in the aura the individual could be encountering clairvoyance. This color is present in psychic experiences. There is a focus on God and spirituality. Even if these extremes are not present, there is at least a strong intuition. Imagination is also strong.  If there is a strong sense of these qualities there can be an attitude of arrogance. Meditate and focus on seeing through the illusions of life to the truth.

VIOLET: This color has all the traits we are supposed to be after. But these traits without some grounding red may lead an individual to not apply this to bettering humanity or otherwise applying themselves to aiding the planet and its inhabitants. The list is long: Spirituality, relationship to God and the Universal Source, inspired, thoughtful, focused, focused on unity, higher awareness, higher reasoning. You may encounter the sin of impatience as well as loftiness. Focus on being here now to be a help and aid to others. We are all one, as you in these moments are one with God. Meditate to  pull the two together.